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Susan Hu􀆩man and Lorrie M. Thomas
Managing Members of RPM Academy, LLC


Welcome to 2023 and an opportunity to con􀆟tinue to educate, inform and reduce riding risk for our motorcycle family.

RPM Academy, LLC under the direct􀆟on of Susan Hu􀆩man, former Director of GWRRA Rider Educa􀆟on Program and Lorrie M. Thomas, former Director of GWRRA University is a reality.

RPM Academy has evolved from discussions of “what can we do to keep the University alive” to a solid foundati􀆟on of Classes, Modules and Seminars available to all who believe educa􀆟tion is essenti􀆟al. This leads us to some important points.

The Programs are open to anyone who wishes to a􀆩end regardless of their affiliati􀆟on with any recognized associa􀆟tion or organiza‐
􀆟tion. Further, the same Programs will be open and available to anyone interested who may not have an affiliation with any recognized association.

Our Instructors from all Programs, Rider Education, First Aid/CPR/AED Training and Academy classes in Safety, Personal Growth and Management Skills, will be trained and certified in their chosen specialty. RPM Academy will ensure their recertification, continuing education, and a level of proficiency.

The curriculum was recently updated, a continuing process, to reflect the most current statistics and studies available.
The ability to train as an Instructor in all of the Programs is still available.

RPM Academy has assumed the responsibility of the Programs you are familiar with from your affiliation with GWRRA. The specifics of scheduling the classes are the same except your point of contact will be RPM Academy. We will work closely with those you recognize as your Team Members whose focus is on education and training. They will know best the needs and wants of your Chapter and Districts

The major difference in the structure of the Programs under RPM Academy is that we assume responsibility for the financial support the Instructors may need to bring the training to you. Policies for mileage and assistance with hotels have been established. Record keeping of class a􀆩endance, recer􀆟fica􀆟on documenta􀆟on and Levels maintenance will be handled by the Academy. We ask that classroom space and ranges suitable for classes be the responsibility of the Chapter and/or Districts. It makes sense that you are most qualified to know your area and the facili􀆟es available.


The website is ac􀆟ve and propagated with all the informa􀆟on the Instructors and par􀆟cipants may need. A handbook will be available
within the next few weeks.

Contact us at the above‐listed emails or phone numbers to fill your training needs. We look forward to bringing you the Programs
you requested.

P.O. Box 2466, Hildebran, North Carolina 28637

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